Why You May Want to Consider Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions

why you may ant to consider hand tied weft hair extensions

Hand-tied hair extensions have several advantages over bonds extensions. First , they’re lower in cost and less damaging. In addition, they’re more flexible and natural-looking. Let’s examine the reasons you might want to consider these extensions for your hair.

Less expensive

When compared to other hair extensions hand-tied extensions are more flexible. This allows for more fine hair and less density. Furthermore, the hand-tied wefts can be adjusted to any shape without much difficulty. These extensions also last up to 12 months.

Wefts tied by hand, however, are more expensive than machine-tied. This is because they take longer to complete and require more labor. They also have more expense for the stylist who installs them. Because of this, hand-tied weaves are more expensive than tape-in hair extensions.

Another distinction between tape-in and hand-tied weft extensions is their installation time. Hand-tied wefts take longer to set up than tape-in extensions. Hand-tied hair extensions take between two to two and a half hour, while tape-in hair extensions usually require one to one and half hours.

Less damaging

Hand-tied extensions are a lighter, more durable alternative as compared to traditional hair extensions. They can be used on all hair types. Because they are made of thin, hand-tied wefts, they are less likely than natural hair to cause damage. They also allow your hair to grow naturally.

Be aware of the length of your hair when deciding the hairstyle to tie with extensions. The longer the hair the better. You might also want to cut off two to four inches in order to create volume. This will give your hairstyle a a thicker and fuller appearance. Beads will also help to evenly distribute the weight of your weave.

Hand-tied extensions last longer between reapplications. Once they have been able to grow out, hand-tied extensions are easier to hide. They are much easier to conceal than tape-in extensions as they lie flat against your head. Hand-tied hair extensions might not be suitable for hair with fine texture. Hair extensions tied by hand are more expensive than tape-in ones. You should also consider the amount of time and money you will need to spend at the salon. Hand-tied extensions are more expensive than tape-in extensions. They can cost anything between $250-$500.


When compared to tape for extensions, weft hair that is tied with hand extensions are more flexible and comfortable to wear. Before tying the extensions, the hairdresser puts silicone beads into the hair. This helps reduce the stress on the natural hair and scalp. Hand-tied wefts can be flattened , then made flexible.

Hand-tied weaves are made up from multiple hair strands which are cut in advance and then hand-tied together. This ensures that hair won’t fall out and is secure. Hand-tied wefts appear fuller and blend in with natural hair color. They also are positioned closer to the scalp, which makes them thinner and flatter.

Hair extensions that are hand tied using weft can be a more economical option. They can be introduced to those who aren’t eligible for other extensions. People who have a natural hair type can be introduced to this type.


Hand-tied weft hair extensions can be connected to natural hair by a stylist. The stylist will divide your hair into sections and then separate small sections at each time. Each section is tied with a silicone-lined hair bead. This provides a base for future expansions.

They last longer than tape-in extensions. This is because the wefts do not have a bond that can break. The bonds used to connect extensions to tape will break after a period of eight to twelve months. Wefts tied with a hand, remain intact for the same period.

Hand-tied weaves can be lighter and thinner than traditional wefts. They appear more natural-looking. They also sit lower on the head due their thinness. Hand-tied extensions require less weaving, which reduces the load on your hair’s natural hair.